July 27, 2013


Game Loses Rolex Lawsuit, Forced to Rename Label

A six-month legal battle between Compton rapper, Game, and luxury watch brand Rolex recently came to an end, as did the moniker of the rapper's label Rolex Records.

The story begins like this: In today's climate you're a nobody until you own your own label. Game picked up on this seeming truism last December when he formed Rolex Records with Stat Quo. 

The Dr. Dre protege even gifted each member of his team with a shiny new roly.

Unfortunately, Rolex was none to happy with the "How We Do" rapper's choice of Rolex for a label name. According to XXL, the watch company sued the rapper and things went back and forth until yesterday, when Game took to his Instagram to explain defeat to his fans.

"ATTENTION: All artist & producers !!!!!! So after a 6 long month legal battle with Rolex watches over the name 'Rolex Records' we lost & had to fully change the name of the label & it’s logo away from the likeness of Rolex’s crown & stay away from any & everything resembling Rolex. Can’t use 'Roley Boyz' or 'Roley Records' either," he wrote.

Not one to completely admit defeat, the 33-year-old rapper neatly tucked away the doom and gloom for the latter part of his statement. The second half of the note worked to rally the troops for the yellow-brick-road that lay ahead for Rolex Records (RIP), now The Firm:

"But today a new regime starts & I am officially the CEO of 'The Firm' & we are looking for elite artists to be a part of a new movement. With that being said…. Upload your SOUNDCLOUD in my comments NOW !!! Me & @leauxsteez will be listening to your music all day today…. So FOLLOW @leauxsteez & upload your SOUNDCLOUD or Tag someone who will benefit from the start of my new label & have them upload the link to their music on mine & @leauxsteez page NOW. Thanks… & I’m looking forward to all the dope new music – The Game"

While we are sure Game is still licking his wounds (a six-month lawsuit is not exactly spilled milk), this is the man that once bragged to us that he had spent over 500 hours getting tattooed. Which he explained was "a long time to have a needle poking in and out of your f-cking skin. It hurts!"

We have a feeling he's gunna be just fine.