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Trend Alert: The Summer of Lady Grillz

In the past two months, Beyonce, Miley, Ke$ha and more have rocked metallic chompers in their music videos. So, who's shining the brightest?

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"Rob the jewelry store and tell 'em make me a grill!"

As July comes to a wrap, we've kept busy this summer chatting to bands at Warped Tour, watching awesome covers of "Blurred Lines," waiting for the latest Justin Bieber shenanigan and deciding our favorite albums of the year so far.

But in the midst of this summer music goodness, we noticed a trend while drooling over music videos by our favorite divas. Whether it was Ciara twerking with Nicki Minaj in "I'm Out" or Miley Cyrus' house party in "We Can't Stop," some of the biggest stars have been looking absolutely fierce outfitted with their own grillz. 

Check out who we caught blinging this summer, as well as our rating for how fierce each lady looked. At the end, let us know who you thought rocked the iced-out look best. Let's get grillin'!

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Miley Cyrus, "We Can't Stop"

Miley Cyrus wants the world to know she's a badass... like, really badass! I mean, she smokes with Snoop Dogg, guys!!!

So what better way to further prove your badass-ness than a shiny pair of grillz in your latest music video. The twerk-crazy starlet only rocks two gold teeth, but if Cyrus really wanted to make a bold statement, she should have gone with a full mouth of gold.

Fierceness factor: 1.5/5

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Ke$ha, "Crazy Kids"

Ke$ha rocks two looks in her "Crazy Kids" video: the first is bona fide sexy with a cleavage-baring dress and her hair looking uncharacteristicly shampooed. The other is a white trash-inspired getup with the electro-pop star rocking multi-colored cornrows and a decked-out grill.

Our question after watching? Why did only the trashy look feature the grill? Ke$ha's sexy look was a little too polished for her. A grill would have added just the right amount of edge.

Fierceness factor: 3/5

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Beyonce, "Bow Down"

This preview clip is only four seconds, but as we eagerly await Beyonce's fifth album, we'll gladly take Sasha Fierce rocking some sparkling metallics here. As Bey repeats the line, "Bow down bitches!" she looks even tougher with with some silver grillz. We want more though!!

Fierceness factor: 3.5/5

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CL of 2NE1, "The Baddest Female"

For CL's debut solo video "The Baddest Female," the leader of K-pop phenom 2NE1 rocked two sets of grillz. One is your standard, gold-plated model lying along the bottom row of her teeth (at 0:25). The other is probably the most ferocious grillz ever, looking like a golden set of vampire chompers (at 0:35). It made CL's debut that much more fierce, but with 13 different outfit changes in the vid, her bold dental statement gets lost among other flashy outfits.

Fierceness factor: 4.5/5

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Ciara, "I'm Out"

The opening shot for Ciara's latest music video shows the R&B songstress' mouth plated in gold. From there, we see CiCi twerking with Nicki Minaj and making it rain in the club. Need a boost of confidence? Apparently, all it takes a golden grill!

Fierceness factor: 5/5

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The Inspiration? Rihanna, "You Da One"

While summer 2013 will go down as the season of lady grillz, we can locate the source of the trend all the way back to December 2011. In her Clockwork Orange-inspired video for "You Da One," Rihanna's grill-fitted mouth snarls, chews gum and drinks beer for the camera. The grillz only flash for a few scenes, but did the few appearances inspire the other girls?

So, after pinpointing the source of the trend, we want to know: who's rocking grillz best this season? Cast your vote on the next slide!

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So, who rocked the grillz best?


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