July 31, 2013


HAIM Flirt With Glam Rock Stomp on "The Wire"

When California sister-trio HAIM dropped their incredible third single "Falling" in February (a song that's become my favorite jam of 2013 by far), we declared HAIM had "yet to do wrong" in their short but remarkable career.

Happily, that statement bears repeating after listening to "The Wire," their recently unleashed fourth single. Having nothing to do with the seedy underbelly of Baltimore as seen through the pristine lens of HBO, this crisp pop gem rides along a shuffling glam rock beat that brings to mind Gary Glitter (hey, just speaking truth here—it's not like we want to think about him).

Each HAIM sister takes a turn at the mic on "The Wire," helping to breathe life into the rare 2013 song that bursts with un-ironic optimism and exuberance. And those guitars at the end? Best described as "righteous" while using Bill and/or Ted vocal inflections.

Listen above and see what happened when HAIM sat down with Fuse News anchor Alexa Chung for a chat at Bonnaroo 2013.