July 3, 2013


Jay-Z Places 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Next to Actual Magna Carta

via Life + Times
via Life + Times

There's "rich" money. There's "insanely rich" money. There's "f-ck you" money. Then there's "Place your album art next to one of the most important documents of the century" money.

Event Rap is a genre, people; one defined as much by an album's marketing by people with limitless money as the music itself. If he could, it's not crazy to imagine Kanye West dropping a secret copy of Yeezus next to the body of Jesus. But Jay-Z, whose album Magna Carta Holy Grail is released via Samsung app on July 4, did the next best thing: Placing his album art next to an actual copy of the Magna Carta in England's Salisbury Cathedral.

Quick history refresher: The Magna Carta is a document written in 1215 that helped limit King John of England's powers and set the template for due process and legal rights for countless people.

Magna Carta Holy Grail is a hip hop album.

The more you know.

But if you want a funnier image, imagine the cathedral having no idea this happened and Jay-Z sneaking in under the cover of dark to place the artwork next to the document Banksy-style.

In more traditional music marketing news, New York Post reports that Jay-Z's planned concert atop the Ed Sullivan Theater has been canceled. However will he get the word out now?

via Life + Times
via Life + Times