July 10, 2013


Jay-Z Lip Syncs "Picasso Baby" For 6 Hours at NYC Art Museum

Jay-Z: Rapper. CEO. Sports agent. Father. Mr. Beyonce. Obscenely rich dude. And now, performance artist.

Wednesday at New York's Pace Gallery, Hova lip synced the same lyrics for six hours straight while an assortment of critics, artists, celebrities and even some regular folk watched. 

Why just one song? Why six hours? Because it's ART. Either that or he's suddenly developed a troubling case of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Actually, Jay was filming footage for the music video to his Magna Carta... Holy Grail track "Picasso Baby" at the gallery. But because something is art the moment you call it art, this open-to-the-public video shoot was cast as a erudite event.  

To lend it some highbrow cred, The Artist Is Present mastermind Marina Abramovic stopped by to interpretive dance with Hova, as did rap-art pioneer Fab Five Freddy. And because it's New York, other famous people like Wale and Judd Apatow swung by to offer support. Sadly, Wale did not bring his BFF Jerry Seinfeld

Watch a series of wonderfully head-scratching Vines taken at the happening below and ask yourself, "But is it art?"