July 8, 2013


5 Hilarious Things We Learned About Jay-Z During His Twitter Q&A

Prince Williams/Getty Images
Prince Williams/Getty Images

We already knew Jay-Z wasn't your average celebrity—he's married to Beyonce and he's one of the world's top 25 highest-paid musicians. So even though he has a Twitter account, he leaves the daily Twitter updates about the food he's eating and the the TV shows he's watching to the peasant celebrities beneath him.

Except for today! Jay-Z hopped on the interwebs for an impromptu Twitter Q&A with his fans, and we learned so many glorious things about the man behind the Magna Carta Holy Grail

Among the important things we learned: "time is money," he's currently listening to James Blake and he's not into Instagram (at least that's what we gather from his attempted spelling of the app). But never mind the serious stuff—you can find a list of the more hilarious, unimportant Jay-Z findings below.

1. Jay-Z is still confused about hashtags.

In one of his first Twitter answers, Jay responded with a laugh, but put an asterisk before the phrase "my laugh," because he was probably trying to hashtag his LOL. No worries, he (kind of) figured it out later.

2. Jay-Z indulges Kanye West's self-appointed nickname.

It's, like, unwritten rule 101 that you can't give yourself a nickname... and that if any of your friends give themselves a nickname, you never, ever call them that. But Jay-Z ain't no basic friend. He willingly refers to Ye's ridiculous "Yeezus" moniker, but he did misspell it. Harmless typo or illuminati?!

3. Jay-Z thought naming his new album Magna Carter would be "too obvi." Also, he knows and uses the abbreviation "obvi."

Welp, that answers the album title question. As for the abbrev, we know Jay is the man and all, but imagining him typing out the word "obvi" makes us feel like our dad just texted us. #uncomfortablelaughing

4. Like all other humans, Jay-Z also thinks vacations are always too short.

About Magna Carta track "Beach Is Better," Jay explains why the song is only 55 seconds. And if Jay-Z thinks vacation is too short, there is no hope for the rest of us.

5. Jay-Z's favorite cereal is Cap'n Crunch.

Though he hasn't eaten THE BEST CEREAL ON EARTH in a while, all you kids out there now have some serious ammo when trying to convince your mom that her bran muffin isn't necessarily going to rocket you to straight As—Jay-Z ate Cap'n Crunch. Boom. Mic drop.

Let it be known that Cap'n Crunch appreciates the shout out.