July 22, 2013


Wait, What? Kelly Rowland Was Lost at Sea for 12 Hours

Steven A Henry/WireImage
Steven A Henry/WireImage

Stars: they're just like us. They also get stranded at sea on their private boat while whale watching off the coast of Cape Cod! At least that's what happened to Kelly Rowland.

Kelly headed out for a leisurely trip on the Atlantic Ocean with some friends Friday night for a three-hour tour ... a three-hour tour. Just kidding, but like Gilligan's Island, the weather started getting rough (fog and five-foot waves), and the captain of their boat lost sight of the commercial whale-watching vessel it was following. According to the New York Daily News, Kelly and friends were lost 30 miles off the coast of Provincetown, RI, for the next 12 hours.

But everything is fine! Noah Santos, the captain of the towboat dispatched to bring the lost ship back to shore, said everyone was okay when he arrived, "just a little shaken up." Santos continued, "It was pretty rocky out there, from what they told me." It should be noted, though, that Kelly looked fab upon rescue.

We're glad Kelly's okay, otherwise we might not have gotten our hands on her "Dirty Laundry" video, which dropped today. Ironically, Kelly is seen naked in a pool of water in the video. Creepy. Check it out below.