July 15, 2013


The Psy Effect: K-Pop Explodes One Year After "Gangnam"

Remember watching and rewatching and rewatching "Gangnam Style" when it came out? It's been a year since then. (Yeah, a year!!)

Turns out, the world's addiction to the horse-dancing clip has not only made the Korean rapper a global superstar, it's effected viewership of the overall K-pop scene.

Billboard reports that since "Gangnam Style," YouTube views of Korean artists have tripled, jumping to 7 billion views globally in 2012 versus 2.2 billion in 2011.

And those repeat Youtube views weren't only from Korea: Today, an eye-popping 91 percent of viewers are from far outside the genre's home base, and viewership in the U.S. has doubled.

So...who else was getting big, big views other than Psy? The 10 most-viewed, non-"Gangam Style" clips include top groups like Girls' Generation (who released one of our favorite 2013 albums so far) and breakout solo stars like G-Dragon (a member of Big Bang, who told us Psy helped people discover their music):

1. Psy, "Gentleman" - 480.9 million views
2. Girls' Generation, "I Got a Boy" - 63.6 million
3. HyunA, "Ice Cream" - 47.5 million
4. G-Dragon, "Crayon" - 25.8 million
5. G-Dragon, "One of a Kind" - 21.1 million
6. G-Dragon, "That XX" - 18.9 million
7. Girls' Generation, "Oh!" - 18.6 million
8. BEAST, "Beautiful Night" - 18.5 million
9. Girls' Generation, "Flower Power" - 17.9 million
10. KARA, "Pandora" - 16.8 million 

The K-pop archives at Fuse definitely show the change. Over the past year... we kept "Falling in Love" with 2NE1 after talking to them about their first American concert:

Asked Big Bang what it was like working with Lady Gaga's choreographer on their world tour:

B.A.P divulged which member would survive on a desert island and made us real hungry (and jealous) after revealing they ate pizza everyday while touring America:

And, of course, we couldn't resist asking the Wonder Girls who's their One Direction crush. Plus, they rocked the "Gangnam Style" horsey dance while stopping by our studio:

As these acts and more continue to make inroads in America, could we see even more Korean pop in the U.S.? If YouTube views are any indication, American fans are screaming "Yes, please!!"