July 12, 2013


Lady Gaga Unveils 'ARTPOP' Release Date & "Warholian" App

Gallo Images/Getty Images
Gallo Images/Getty Images

2013 may have found Lady Gaga tearing her hip, cutting her tour short and all-but abandoning Twitter, but it's still poised to be her year. Mother Monster finally announced the album release date for her third full-length ARTPOP, as well as the single drop date and deets on a "reverse Warholian" app that will accompany her new album.

Let's get to the most essential info first: ARTPOP comes out November 11. Yeah, that does seem like an awful long time, but take heart: Our first taste of it is tantalizingly close. The lead single hits August 19, which is just over a month away.

The most intriguing thing about ARTPOP has to be the album app she's teasing on her Facebook. Falling somewhere between a creative platform and a social media service for Little Monsters, the TechHAUS-designed app aims to inject the user with "the adrenaline of fame as they build and share their own projects and chat with one another."

If that sounds enigmatic, well, it's probably supposed to. The album and app are available for pre-order on September 1, so perhaps more details of what the ARTPOP app is capable of (and how you access it) will become clear by then.

On the eve of the release date, Gaga will celebrate in New York by unveiling a range of non-musical collaborations with an enviable list of the art world elite: Stage director Robert Wilson, recent Jay-Z pal Marina Abramovic, fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh and Jeff Koons, the most successful living American artist.

In short, ARTPOP isn't just an album—it's set to be an explosion.