July 23, 2013


Illinois Pop-Rock Singer Lissie Channels Stevie Nicks for "Further Away" Video

Illinois pop-rock singer-songwriter Lissie has always had an innate way to blend raw, primal blues and rock with classic pop melodies. Her low-register growl sounds like she's been smoking two packs a day for years, but the music remains consistently catchy and pop-driven.

On "Further Away (Romance Police)," Lissie unleashes her inner Stevie Nicks. The video was shot in one day in the singer's hometown of Rock Island, Illinois and, as she told Paste, it brought her back to her formative romantic experiences.

“It made me who I am, and my earliest memories of heartache over wanting someone so bad that didn't want me back kinda shaped my approach to relationships for years to come," said the singer. "The song is a cautionary tale to avoid those kinds of heartbreakers, so it felt right to go home and revisit and remember those experiences.”