July 8, 2013


Hip Hop Stopped: 13 Classic Moments of Rap Censorship

#1Can I Get a Bleep Bleep?

Censored. Banned. Blocked. Pulled. Barred. Altered. Removed: All words an artist never wants to hear. 

Today, news broke that M.I.A.'s management "pulled down" a teaser clip of her upcoming documentary, which was leaked by its fed-up director in an attempt to force Roc Nation into further funding the project.

M.I.A. has had plenty controversial moments, but she's hardly the first to meet hardship in the hip hop world. From 2 Live Crew's federally-banned 1989 record As Nasty as They Wanna Be to iTunes blocking Action Bronson, check out 13 censorship moments in hip hop.

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