July 11, 2013


Of Montreal Conjure '70s Bar Band on First Track From 12th Album

Good news: "lousy with sylvianbriar" is no longer just a random collection of words. It's now the name of a new album from Athens indie outfit Of Montreal. lousy with sylvianbriar—their 12th album in 16 years—drops October 8. Additionally, Kevin Barnes and his merry men unveiled a brand new track "fugitive air," which—like the aforementioned album—is stylized in lowercase letters. Because, you know, that's quirky. 

This solid new tune finds Of Montreal going through yet another sonic reinvention. Instead of the electro sheen, glam rock or psych-pop of their last few efforts, "fugitive air" smacks of a '70s bar band. The song's muffled garage rock vocals and Stones-meets-Byrds guitar work brings to mind the Flamin' Groovies, but as with all things Of Montreal, it still bears the distinctive scent of Barnes' idiosyncratic songcraft.

Listen to it above and check out the track list below.

lousy with sylvianbriar

1. fugitive air
2. obsidian currents
3. belle glade missionairies
4. sirens of your toxic spirit
5. colossus
6. triumph of disintegration
7. amphibian days
8. she ain't speakin' now
9. hegira émigré
10. raindrop in my skull
11. imbecile rages