July 9, 2013


Pete Doherty's Babyshambles Return With Seriously Awesome Single

Remember Pete Doherty? That porkpie hat- and vintage suit-wearing junkie rocker, who was a tabloid staple while dating Kate Moss, carousing with the late Amy Winehouse and getting arrested almost daily? Of course you do! But what exactly has he been doing lately? Good question! He formed Babyshambles and released a pair of LPs (2005, 2007), then dropped an under appreciated solo LP in 2009 and reunited with his name-making first band the Libertines in 2010 to headline Reading and Leeds festivals in England. Then he sort of ... disappeared. Until today.

Doherty's Babyshambles just returned with "Nothing Comes to Nothing," a single from their upcoming third album (and first in six years), Sequel to the Prequel. And guess what? It's really good! Maybe even one of the spotty singer-songwriter's best songs yet. Where he previously fired off shambolic, loose rock tunes, or quiet acoustic jams with very English lyrical poetry, this new track is pure pop-rock bliss without sacrificing any of that charmingly disheveled Doherty-ness.

Debuted Monday night on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1, "Nothing Comes to Nothing" is perhaps his most formulaic rock song yet. A shimmering guitar intro then drops into Doherty slur-rambling about kissing his girl, then builds into a tuneful guitar riff and a barbed-hook chorus: "Nothing comes to nothing without my baby." It's tight verse-chorus-verse songwriting; there isn't a wasted moment. 

"It's a quality piece of songwriting," gushed Lowe. Damn straight. What do you think of Babyshambles' "Nothing Comes to Nothing"?