July 25, 2013


Pixies Drop Second Video for Comeback Track "Bagboy"

Boston alt-rock pioneers Pixies returned last month with "Bagboy," their first new song in nine years—and their first since Kim Deal recently left the group for the second time. The track arrived with a video starring a young boy smashing the sh-t out of a stranger's house, which some pundits found offensive for its implicit glorification of violence against a black woman.

Now band leader/singer-songwriter Black Francis and Co. have unveiled a second clip for the sonic assault that is "Bagboy," explaining, "We didn't set out to have two music videos but once we saw both of these, we knew we didn't want to use just one."

This second clip is a collection of images straight out of the band's early-'90s hey-day. Roughly sketched farm animals—that are extra-creepy with live-action human eyes and mouths—prowl a bleak landscape while brief clips of vintage TV shows sporadically pop up.

It looks and sounds like it could be a long-forgotten b-side from 1992—you can almost imagine Beevis and Butthead watching it, getting confused and tearing it apart. Which, of course, is entirely possible, since those Gen X MTV vets have also returned after a lengthy hiatus. 

Watch Pixies' second "Bagboy" clip over at Rolling Stone.