July 29, 2013


Rick Ross References Trayvon Martin, Stand Your Ground Laws on "I Wonder Why"

Two weeks after George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Rick Ross has referenced the case and Florida's controversial Stand Your Ground laws on new track "I Wonder Why."

"Now I'm being followed by some creepy ass cracker," Ross rhymes, referencing the phrase Martin allegedly used to describe Zimmerman. "Stand your ground! Stand your ground! You gotta stand your ground!"

Ross also uses "I Wonder Why" to take on people who take "Instagrams [and] selfies" because that's the real issue in 2013 for some rappers.

Many rappers have spoken on the death of Trayvon Martin in recent weeks. Fat Joe told Fuse that he is the "Emmett Till of his generation," while Raekwon said the verdict left him "disappointed in the justice system." Wyclef dedicated the song "Justice" to the slain teen, with Jay Z and Justin Timberlake dedicating Jay's track "Young Forever" to Martin during their live show. 

Maybach Music Group is currently prepping the September 17 release of the compilation album Self Made Vol. 3.