July 30, 2013


Rjd2 Returns With Mind-Shattering "Her Majesty's Socialist Request"

Years ago the Rolling Stones concerned themselves with Their Majesties Satanic Request, which proved to be one of the lesser entries in their storied career (it seems they define "Satanic urges" as "cutesy psychedelic flourishes.")

Now in 2013, genre-smushing DJ/producer Rjd2 is doing the Queen one better by delivering "Her Majesty's Socialist Request," which we'd like to imagine as a proletariat-meets-Royal Family throwdown that leaves Windsor Castle in shambles.

This first single from his upcoming fifth album More Is Than Isn't is, like much of his catalog, difficult to categorize. It starts out with handclap rhythms, heavy beats and crushing guitar riffs (Sleigh Bells are gonna be jealous when they hear it) before a jazzy piano breakdown—punctuated by Wall Street-styled exhortations to "buy" and "sell"—kicks in. In short, it's a ready made party-starter.

Listen to it above and check out some live dates below.

8/1, Philadelphia, PA (Morgan's Pier)
8/31, Indianapolis, IA (Warm Fest)
9/13, Kansas City, MO (Dancetopia - Downtown Riverfront Park)
9/28, Norridgewock, ME (Great North Music and Arts Festival - Last Breath Farm)
10/4, New York, NY (Hard NYC)
10/11, Adams, TN (Fly Free Fest)
11/8-10, Austin, TX (Fun Fun Fun Fest)