July 25, 2013


Russell Simmons Launches Label, Scours YouTube for Next Superstar

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Having exhausted the supply of booze and cocaine that has fueled the on-the-ground, dingy-clubgoing discovery of new talent for years, the music industry has discovered an "online" "site" called "YouTube" with millions of fledgling superstars and is starting to take notice.

Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons has teamed up with Loud Records' Steve Rifkind and TV/film producer Brian Robbins to create All Def Music, a label created exclusively to find and nurture YouTube talent.

"The exponential growth of Internet-based video has created a powerful new outlet for music and music-based content, and the launch of All Def Music is a part of our broader strategy to partner with some of the most experienced entrepreneurs in media and technology to identify future stars and develop powerful content on the world's fastest growing media platform," said Lucian Grange, CEO of Universal Music Group.

"Tapping into YouTube's fertile creative platform, we intend to identify, develop and nurture music's next generation of superstar talent," Rifkind said in a statement. 

Earlier this year, Simmons launched the All Def Digital YouTube channel featuring original comedy and music. Now it looks like they'll be scouring the channel for the next Bieber or Cody Simpson. Maybe they can start with this girl: