July 12, 2013


Ryan Adams Is Convinced He Saw a UFO Last Night

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Getty Images

So… this is weird. Last night around 11 P.M. PT, Ryan Adams launched into a barrage of tweets about spotting a UFO. Yeah, for real.

But unlike most other UFO sightings, Adams didn't see a blip of something for a fleeting moment. And according to his Twitter, he wasn't the only one. Adams claims he spotted a "huge" object while driving his car in Glendale, CA, a place with a history of UFO sightings. Furthermore, Adams tweeted the object was hotly pursued by police cars as well as helicopters.

"Three cops were tearing ass in its direction in oncoming traffic. Thing was huge. If it was a blimp then that was a f-cked up blimp," tweeted Adams. "Whatever I saw was like a real sci fi film come to life."

Unfortunately—or depending on your beliefs, naturally—Adams didn't catch any footage of it. "No pic because I didn't twitter til I was parked," he explained. "Enough people are dead from texting and driving." Fair point. He's gotta get home to Mandy Moore, after all. But still, a little photo evidence would have been greatly appreciated.

Although Adams said "cars were slowing down to a stall to look at this thing," no one else seems to have tweeted a firsthand verification of his account. But that could be because, according to his Twitter feed, it was "closed off" shortly thereafter.

As for the possibility that Adams was under the influence of one substance or another, the man himself offered this sharp refutation: "Every person that sees something wack and unidentified aren't on drugs…. crawl back into the caves, cro-magnons."

Even if many are skeptical, Kacey Musgraves tweeted her support for his story. The burgeoning country songstress said she's "had a couple UFO sightings myself, no joke. Both were incredible."

But that's all we know for now. It seems we'll have to patiently wait and see if anything else comes of this. FYI, there's a newly-launched site for people to share their alleged UFO pics and videos. So keep your eyes on that (or the sky).