July 26, 2013


Selena Gomez Chats "Sister" Taylor Swift, Creative Control on New LP

Constant tabloid scrutiny, drama with boyfriends, fashion mavens scrutinizing every piece they wear. Are there two pop stars today who know the chaotic world of celebrity better than Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift? It's a crazy world and, luckily, the self-proclaimed "sisters" have one another to lean on.

"We are the kind of friends that tell each other everything," the recently turned 21-year-old tells Fuse. "We've gone through so much stuff in both of our lives, so we've always been there for each other. She inspires me, I inspire her. We just want the best for both of us."

In fact, Gomez uses her country-pop star BFF to gauge if she's recorded a smash song.

"My Taylor stamp of approval is her dancing," Gomez says. "If I put on a song and she's nodding her head, she likes it. But she will start dancing like a madwoman if she loves a song. That's when I'm like, 'Yes! I did a good job!'"

But don't get it twisted: the singer-actress isn't relying too heavily on outside help, as her new album Stars Dance is her first without backing band the Scene.

"I wanted full creative control," she explains. "I wanted every single track to be something that I had gone through personally or that was fun for me. I turned 21 and there was so much happening in my life, it was the perfect timing for me to be solo."

Perfect timing indeed. Billboard tipped off that Gomez is likely to land her first No. 1 album and largest first-week sales. We're sure TayTay is proud.