July 18, 2013


Slipknot's Corey Taylor Says Organized Religion Creates "Cattle Mentality"

Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images
Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images

As you might expect from a guy who fronts both Slipknot and Stone Sour, Corey Taylor is not one to hold back his opinion. Even when that means eviscerating a sacred institution like, well, the original sacred institution: Organized religion.

While speaking about his book A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Heaven with Rolling Stone, Taylor explained his take on religion in America. "This [book] isn't coming down on people who have true faith and lead their lives by that. This is about organized religion and what it does to people," Taylor said. "There really is a cattle mentality that happens. People get in large groups and subscribe to overtly horrendous trains of thought."

Despite his avowed atheism, Taylor remains fascinated with ghosts, which is a contradiction he tries to reconcile in his book. "It's me trying to figure out how I can have this deep belief in the supernatural and the paranormal and yet I am still a pretty vocal atheist, you know? So it's me trying to find a new way to figure out what these things are," Taylor told Artisan News. "[The book] was designed specifically to piss a lot of people off, to be honest, and I think it's really gonna do that."

As for Slipknot, Taylor told Rolling Stone the band is "really starting to get close to being" ready to hit the studio following the passing of bassist Paul Gray in 2010. "I think next year is finally going to be time to do that," Taylor said.