July 9, 2013


Meet Gay Country Star Steve Grand

When Adam Lambert competed on American Idol in 2009, the singer was reluctant to come out about his sexuality, telling Rolling Stone he was "trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader."

Openly gay country singer Steve Grand, though, has been more forthcoming in his sexuality, revealing his tellingly named debut single "All-American Boy" last week. And early online buzz indicates the Chicago singer won't be obscure for very long. The video for "Boy" (above) has already racked up more than 650,000 views in the seven days since its premiere.

The country-tinged rock ballad (with major hit potential) tells Grand's tale of unrequited love when he fell for a straight guy friend. But people of any orientation can relate to universal lyrics like, "I won't say good night / Unless I think ya might miss me." The accompanying visual tells Grand's specific story of falling for his whiskey-drinking buddy and gathering up the courage to kiss him, only to find the feeling isn't mutual.

Grand talked to Good Morning America Tuesday, saying that he "would die a happy man today" from the video's explosive response. "People have been reaching out," said the singer. "I've been beyond moved because so many people have felt what I felt."

In the GMA interview below, Grand discusses his parents' change from forcing him to attend "straight therapy" to telling him how proud they are. "You're touching so many people," Grand said his mother told him.

"All-American Boy" isn't available on iTunes yet, but fans can name their price to download the song on his Bandcamp page.