July 25, 2013


Sub Pop Unveil Video to College Student Who Thinks Kurt Cobain Is Alive

Fuse reported yesterday on a letter sent from a Virginia Tech student to Sub Pop, requesting that Nirvana, once on the Seattle label's roster, film a video for the college's Homecoming Week festivities. The wildly-out-of-touch letter referred to Nirvana as "her," and showed no indication that its author, who identified herself as the school mascot and a contender for homecoming queen, realized that Kurt Cobain killed himself, you know, nearly two decades ago in 1994. 

Now, as promised, Sub Pop has released the video message, with members of their staff, including Mudhoney frontman Mark Arm, posing as "Nirvana" and delivering the message as requested:

What's up Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana! Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Homecoming Week and good luck at the game this Saturday. LETS GO HOKIES!

Except, in true Nirvana smart-alec fashion, the Sub Pop employees posing as the late alt-rock gods swapped "Go Hokies!" for "Go Hoagies!" 

While the original letter stank to high heaven of a prank, Derek Erdman, the label's front desk receptionist, posted a text exchange with the Virginia Tech student to Seattle's The Stranger. He asked the student to send Sub Pop the final video montage—as promised, the "Nirvana" clip will join well-wishes from "Big N Rich, the Ying Yang Twins and Slightly Stoopid."

The student's response: "YOU ARE THE BEST THANK YOU YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME" and "Of course vt loves you guys! And will do!" 

So, yes, it's looking more and more like this isn't a prank—a college student really has no idea that Nirvana is over and Cobain is dead.