July 17, 2013


Taylor Swift Fans Threaten Indie Clothing Designers Over Ex-Boyfriend T-Shirt

via Bad Kids Clothing
via Bad Kids Clothing

If there's one thing we learned from that whole Abercrombie & Fitch debacle it's that Taylor Swift fans will stan for her, and they will stan hard. When Swifties got a glimpse of Bad Kids Clothing's "The Doherty&" women's t-shirt (above), featuring the last names of nine of Taylor Swift's alleged flings, they began threatening the company en masse. 

Bad Kids is usually an EDM clothing company featuring t-shirts that say things like "GLOW ME" and "I Came Here to Rage." But owners Lex Houser and Andi Cross got into the pop music tee business when they produced only a few "The Doherty&" shirts for a friend who is a T. Swift fan. Once they got the custom tees back from the print shop and saw how cool they looked—they really do look pretty cool—Houser and Cross shared a photo of the tees on Facebook. And that's when all hell broke loose.

The next day, the pair wrote on their blog that they woke up to "70+ emails, 20+ calls, 12 texts and about 9 BILLION tweets, all from Swifties threatening to burn Bad Kids to the ground if we did not comply with their wishes" (which is impossible because they're an online store). 

Instead of bending to the wrath of the Swifties, Bad Kids did the opposite—they put the shirts on sale. "Andi and I both had a history of being cyber bullied growing up, and these kids are thinking if they just tell us that they’re going to kill us and that 30 million people are going to attack us, that we would just do what they said," Houser told Fashionista. "That’s what all these girls are saying—'We took Abercrombie down in three hours, obviously we're going to take you down because we’ve never even heard of you!'"

“And I'm just thinking to myself, 'That's why you're not going to take us down, because we don't have to.' Abercrombie has to because their demographic, but you're not ours and we're not this ginormous company so we don't have to follow any protocol so we're leaving it up." It's officially on, Swifties.

For those who'd like a shirt featuring the last names of all of Swift's ex-boyfriends, it's on sale for $19.99. As for the actual threats Bad Kids has been receiving, you can check out some of the best ones on their Tumblr.