July 20, 2013


The 411 on Metallica's 3D Flick "Through the Never"

Aubree Lennon for Fuse
Aubree Lennon for Fuse

"My whole life I've been waiting for that momet…when it all starts to make sense." That's the line our fair hero (and narrorator?) drops in the first few seconds of the official trailer for Metallica's upcoming 3D movie "Metallica Through the Never."

The motely crue got together at Comic Con 2013 to treat thousands of fans to the official, full trailer for the film as well as the movie poster. It's official release is September 27, exclusively at IMAX 3D theatres and it will move to a wider release on October 4. You can nab advance tix here.

Back in May, we reported on the brief but wild teaser for "Through the Never" and now we are happy to present you with a dump truck full of metal insanity.

The film is being released through Picturehouse, a NYC based independent film and marketing company—this will be their first theatrical release ever. 

The fact that this is an independent release could mean unprecedented levels of insanity, as there was no mammoth studio telling the band yes or no on this one. And from the trailer, which you can catch here, inanity looks to be the case.

The clip introduces us to a young, blonde man with deep under-eye circles donning a hoodie/leather jacket combo; he is the band's roadie and errand boy. Between one of Metallica's crazier (well, craziest. A release notes it features "the most elaborate indoor performance stage ever built.") the wee roadie goes on an epic journey through a bizzare post-apocalyptic world.

In other words, we get to check out insane pyrotechnics and myriad large, interactive cemetery props as the guys work it (as best very-near 50 year olds can do) onstage. 

And we also get to follow the roadie as he battles riots and Molotov cocktails and tries to avoid being roped (literally) by a dude in a gas mask riding an uppity horse. What better thing do you have to do on October 4th than witness that in 3D. Well, it might cause a migraine, but still!

Look, we totes enjoyed the candy-filled world in Katy Perry's 3D "Part of Me," so this is a must. "Through the Never" will be similar—minus the Technicolor leotards, funky wigs, back-up dancers and internal drama—right?