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10 Things You Didn't Know About Trent Reznor

With Nine Inch Nails' post-hiatus album 'Hesitation Marks' out now, Fuse examines the obscure and bizarre facts about the long-running industrial rock outfit and its frontman

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His Ancestor Started a Prominent Air Conditioning/Heating Company

According to its website, "The Reznor Company was founded in 1888 by inventor and manufacturer George Reznor, following his invention of a heater with a copper reflector that used natural gas." Yes, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor is descended from George.

Even in 2013, the Reznor Company (which Trent has nothing to do with) "is a worldwide leader not only in gas fired heating but also in ventilation and air conditioning." So if you’re a real NIN fan, you best start heating and cooling your home with the Reznor. Learn more about this incredible product below!

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Reznor's First Band Option 30 Covered Falco and Thompson Twins

Although Option 30 never released an official album, the New Wave band Reznor once fronted recorded some demos in 1983. Most of their songs were written by his bandmates, but Option 30 also covered the Thompson Twins' "Lies" and and Falco's immortal "Der Kommissar." Listen to the latter below and try not to smirk (yes, that's Reznor singing).

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Reznor Has Shared the Screen With Michael J. Fox

After Option 30, Reznor joined synth-pop act Exotic Birds as the keyboardist. That outfit made an appearance alongside Michael J. Fox in the 1987 drama Light of Day as a fictional band called the Problems. Glimpse him at the 1:01 mark below.

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He's an Incredible Janitor

While working as a handyman in a Cleveland recording studio, Reznor recorded his Pretty Hate Machine demos during the studio's down time. But he also did a hell of a job cleaning the place up: "When that guy waxed the floor, it looked great," his former boss told People magazine in 1995.

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Nine Inch Nail's "Down In it" Video Sparked an FBI Investigation

While filming the video for NIN's lead single "Down In It," the director attached a Super 8 camera to helium balloons as a cheap way to achieve a crane shot. Unfortunately, a wind caught the balloons and pulled the camera out of Chicago, across a Great Lake and into a Michigan farmer's corn field. The farmer handed the film over to the cops, who freaked when they saw the image of a seemingly dead man (Trent Reznor) covered in blood (corn syrup) and assumed it was a "gang killing or satanic ritual." After the FBI got involved and one year had passed, someone under the age of 30 pointed out to the cops that this "victim" was the lead singer of a rock band and the image in question could be seen in a music video on national television. If you have 10 minutes to spare, treat yourself and watch it.

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Reznor Sampled Two Prince Tracks on His UK "Head Like a Hole" Remix

Trent Reznor's sampling of Prince's "Alphabet St." for "Ringfinger" is familiar info to most NIN fanatics. Less widely known are his other Prince samples during that same era. When he remixed the final track from Pretty Hate Machine in 1990 as "Head Like A Hole (Opal)" for a British version of the single, he sampled two other Prince songs: "Tamborine" from Around the World In a Day and "Release It," a track the Purple One co-wrote with R&B outfit the Time for his 1990 soundtrack Graffiti Bridge.

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The "Closer" Video Is Influenced by the 1986 Animated Short 'Street of Crocodiles'

The Brothers Quay—identical twin brothers who have been releasing experimental films since 1979—created an acclaimed 21-minute stop-animation film in 1986 called Street of Crocodiles. Director Mark Romanek admitted he was heavily influenced by this short film when making NIN's classic "Closer" video.

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The B-side Version of "Starf—kers, Inc." Samples Kiss

In addition to referencing Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" in the lyrics, the version of "Starf—kers, Inc." that was used as the b-side to "The Day the World Went Away" in 1999 samples Kiss' "Shout It Out Loud" at the very end.

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Timbaland Loves Reznor, But the Feeling Isn't Mutual

Although the hip hop game-changer has cited Reznor as one of his favorite producers, Reznor has not returned the love. In fact, he called a remix Timbaland did of the 2005 NIN track "The Hand That Feeds" a "laughably terrible" attempt and prevented Interscope from releasing it.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 01: The Sound Of Change Live" Concert at Twickenham Stadium on June 1, 2013 in London, England. Chime
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Apple Rejected a Nine Inch Nails App Because of 'The Downward Spiral'

Nine Inch Nail's 2009 app nin: access was rejected by Apple because of their 1994 album The Downward Spiral, which the corporate giant said contained "objectionable content." After Reznor pointed out the hypocrisy of selling the album on iTunes but denying the app, Apple reversed its decision. Listen to some of that "objectionable" material below.

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