August 23, 2013


10 Unbelievable Quotes From Kanye West's 'Kris' Interview

Kanye West sat down with Kris Jenner Friday morning for an unexpectedly candid one-hour interview on her daytime talk show's season finale. In addition to unveiling the first-ever public photo of baby North West, he referenced Taylor Swift, President Obama and Jesus (the Big Three!) and opened up about half-remembering the first time he met Kim Kardashian. Here are the 10 most unbelievable quotes from his Kris interview.

Kanye Saw Kim's Pregnancy as a Message From God: "God knocked on our door and said, 'You gotta slow down.' It's brought us closer because there's someone more important to us than us for the first time in our lives."

Kanye on Living With Kim's Family: "I have improvements I need to make as a human being. Sometimes it's hard for me to small talk, and that's something your family and Kim are teaching me. [It's] helping me to be a better person."

Reviewing the Infamous "Imma Let You Finish" Debacle: "The last thing I'd want to happen to my daughter is for some crazy drunk black guy in a leather shirt to cut her off at an awards show. That’s the last thing I would ever want."

Half-Remembering When He Met Kim: "It might have been when she was Brandy's assistant and we were in the studio and she brought us something to drink. Or it might have been during Brandy's video shoot."

...But Nevertheless, He Loved Her at First Sight: "Definitely… I was in love with her before I was ever able to talk with her."

On His 'What Would Jesus Do' Bracelet: "I'm a Christian. That's what's on my mind. It's important to me that I grow and walk and raise my family with Christian values. I don't know if that's right to say on TV."

Losing His Mother But Gaining a Family: "After I lost my mother, I would sometimes put my life at risk. I felt I didn't have something to live for. Now I have two people to live for."

Responding to President Obama's Kanye/Kim Diss [Obama said kids are too concerned with what Kim Kardashian wears and where Kanye goes on vacation]: "Obama basically said we're the new American Dream. I think he was posing it like I was supposed to take it in a negative way, but I'm just so happy the president mentions me so often."

Paraphrasing Spider-Man in All Earnestness: "I feel that I'm very blessed. But with great blessings come great responsibility."

On His Primary Goal in Life: "The only thing I want to do in life is help people."