August 4, 2013


1D's Louis Tomlinson Joins Professional Soccer Team

John Phillips/UK Press via Getty Images
John Phillips/UK Press via Getty Images

For those One Direction fans still pouting over allegations that Harry Styles is a man-whore, might we suggest you direct your attention (and affections) to Louis Tomlinson! 

Harry's bandmate recently joined a professional soccer team—that's double the star power and he's not famous for the words "definitely less than 100."

The 21-year-old singer signed a non-contract deal with English second division soccer club, the Doncaster Rovers. And he's pretty stoked about the whole thing.

"This has always been a childhood dream of mine," he explained to Reuters.

A statement on Doncaster's website, further confirmed Louis' excitement. It read: 

"Louis has always been passionate about football and wanted to realize a dream of signing for his home town club where he once worked on match days."

He's got that ambition, baby!

If you are one of the 20 million fans who would like to see just how Louis handles a ball, your first chance will be at an upcoming fall charity game. Tomlinson will be helping to raise money for Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice.

He's a humanitarian too! *Swoon*

The Chief Executive at Bluebell Wood, Claire Rintoul, is totally on team Louis too.

"We’re absolutely thrilled and delighted that Louis has decided to continue his support for Bluebell Wood and promote what we do here," she told the Guardian.

"Being a local lad it’s great to see him giving back to the community and supporting our children with a shortened life expectancy."

This is what Louis had to say to you (and his other 11 million Twitter followers):

We know that you're probably irritated that we've got you a little too excited with all this talk on the virtues of your dreamy new future husband. But don't worry, we wouldn't dream of leaving you high and dry!

To make up for it, we are leaving you with our happy three-year 1D birthday album! Yep, loads of Louis—and the rest of the boys—through the years. 

Happy clicking!