August 20, 2013


10 Most Memorable Lyrics on Big Sean's 'Hall of Fame'

Joe Kohen/Getty Images
Joe Kohen/Getty Images

Although it doesn’t officially drop until next Tuesday, a leak of Big Sean's hotly-anticipated Hall of Fame is online now. And for a guy whose breakthrough hit centered around the words "ass ass ass ass ass," there are actually a ton of cleverly-worded lyrics on this album. 

Here are 10 lines on Hall of Fame that immediately grabbed our attention, both from Sean and his featured guests. Some are standouts for being hilarious while others grabbed our attention with their astonishingly candor ("Ashley" is addressed to the girl he dated since 18 but broke up with earlier this year). And one of these is just plain... awkward. Check 'em out and see if any of them compare to Kendrick Lamar's game-changing verse on Sean's non-album track "Control."

"I'm a real D boy, take a look up in my face / Never did real estate and still put you in your place" – Big Sean repping for Detroit on "Fire"

"Ok, I love me some of yo mama/ Don't call me daddy, only she can do that / Ok, me and yo mama be f--kin / Boy, you don't know nothing about that / You seen her lookin all mad, ain't it time for ya nap?" – Big Sean on "MILF"

"I know I wasn't honest to you girl / I almost broke every promise I made to you girl" – Big Sean on "Ashley," about his ex-girlfriend

"I had dreams of ballin' / Now I'm NFLin'" – Big Sean on "You Don't Know"

"I'm on vacay and my d-ck still need a rest" – Big Sean on "Sierra Leone"

"Just know this fact / You were all wrong / Now watch me do my silly dance/ Not really a dance, more like a prance / I'm signing off with a crotch grab"Kid Cudi's awesomely WTF sign-off on "First Chain"

"I don't remember my first love or my first time prayin' / But I remember my first ass and the first time she came / It almost felt as good as when I got my first chain" – Big Sean on "First Chain"

"You know you're too fly / But baby don't get your hair caught in the propellers"Lil Wayne on "Beware"

And in the completely awkward department, we leave you with this ill-advised WTF line:

"I woke up working like I'm Mexican / That means I work from 10 to 10" – Big Sean on "10 2 10"