August 16, 2013


Chris Brown Escapes Jail Yet Again

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Chris Brown has the best lawyers in the music industry.

In June, the Los Angeles City Attorney filed two criminal charges against the singer over a minor car accident. Brown took to Twitter at the time to defend himself against the charges, claiming the woman involved in the accident was "thinking of a payday." The noted humanitarian singer, who has never bullied anyone ever, also said that he "will not stand for bullying" because bullying people is wrong.

A L.A. judge whose daughters are, presumably, Chris Brown fans and Sigh I can't let the girls down they love him too much, has dismissed the hit-and-run charge, according to Billboard. The judge said that Brown had reached a "civil compromise" with the unnamed other driver aka "Look, how much will it cost for you to just go away and let me do my humanitarian, non-bullying work in peace?"

The city prosecutor objected to the dismissal, but quickly realized that Brown was young, rich and famous and subject to an alternate criminal justice system than the rest of us.