August 22, 2013


CSS Share Favorite South American Musicians

Tommy Jackson/Redferns via Getty Images
Tommy Jackson/Redferns via Getty Images

We've already spoken to Brazilian dance-rock group CSS about turning 30, getting lamb chop tattoos and working with TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek for their new album Planta. Despite being self-proclaimed "nomads on the road," singer Lovefoxxx and guitarist Luiza Sa still devour South American music. The duo picked four new bands and one classic singer that's currently on repeat. 

Kumbia Queers: They’re an all-female band from Argentina. They make cumbia now but they all used to be in punk bands. I like it because their songs are funny and about zombies and not a sexist cumbia thing.

Rodrigo Amarante: He’s in the band Little Joy with the Strokes’ Fabrizio Moretti. He had a huge Brazilian band named Los Hermanos and just released some solo material and what I’ve heard was so beautiful. He’s my friend [laughs] but honestly, his music is just something I listen to as a fan.

Mas Ysa: His real name is Tom [Arsenault] and he’s South American and Canadian. His music is based mostly on electronic drums. He’s very intense and his vocals are emotional like on a screaming teenage vibe, but very sincere. It feels like his vocals were recorded in one take. He’s amazing.

Mallu Magalhães: She's a young [20-year-old] singer who started a a few years after us. She makes this trippy sweet music that I think is very genuine and not pretentious. Lots of Brazilian female singers have a lower register almost like a man, but she’s more girly and folk. Her voice is like a bird.

Jorge Ben: I always listen to him at every point in my life. Just that guitar. Whenever I miss Brazil, I listen to Jorge Ben. His first three records…I can’t even describe how good he is. Let’s talk about “O Homem Da Gravata Florida”. This song is about a man’s tie and he describes the print and says it’s the perfect tropical perfection…he describes the colors and there’s daisies. Any ugly man who puts on that tie is going to look like a prince. I imagine how people received that song when it came out.

[1974's] A Tábua de Esmeralda and [1963's] Samba Esquema Novo are both genius albums. It’s delicious music; you can’t resist it. I love to play his music because I want to enter his head. He has really weird lyrics that make no sense, but you end up singing it.