August 2, 2013


Deap Vally Destroy Eardrums on New Single "Bad For My Body"

Not only are Deap Vally one of the best breakout rock bands of 2013, but they are easily the coolest musical duo EVER to form out of a crochet class.

The fabric-weavers cum L.A. rockers recently dropped the third single from their upcoming debut album, the brilliantly titled Sistrionix (which drops in the U.S. on 10/8). 

While Julie Edwards pounds away on the drums like a primal force, guitarist-singer Lindsey Troy growls, "If our mothers only knew / The trouble we get into." Given the duo's hard-charging mix of Sunset Strip scuzz and garage rock attitude, it's difficult to imagine their mothers aren't at least suspicious that their daughters are raising these days. 

Listen to it above and don't be afraid to crank up the volume.