August 27, 2013


Demi Lovato to Play Naya Rivera's Lesbian Love Interest on 'Glee'

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Naya Rivera found love in real life with boyfriend Big Sean, but life on Glee is a bit more complicated. 

In the musical TV series Rivera plays Santana, a lesbian cheerleader. In the upcoming fifth season, premiering September 26, Demi Lovato is joining the cast (for at least six episodes)—and apparently Rivera's Santana falls hard for the pop star's character.

While there's no clarification whether Lovato's character will return Santana's feelings, Rivera told MTV that the guest role begins on a Beatles-themed episode. "We get to sing a song together," she said. "It's gonna be good. I'm excited to work with her. She comes in in a Beatles episode, so [we're singing] a Beatles song. I'm excited."

Any guesses on which Beatles track, Gleeks? "I Want to Hold Your Hand"? "Love Me Do"? "And I Love Her"?

The 26-year-old also touched on shooting the current season without Cory Monteith, who died last month from mixing heroin with alcohol. "It's horrible," she said. "I definitely miss him. So many, so many [memories]. He was an amazing guy."