August 21, 2013


Directioners React to Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards' Engagement... Positively?!

Ariel LeBeau for Fuse
Ariel LeBeau for Fuse

That faint cry you heard 'round the world this morning was the whimper of millions of One Direction fans (aka Directioners) mourning the loss of 1D's Zayn Malik, who is now officially engaged to Little Mix's Perrie Edwards. The two pop stars, both 20 years old, have been dating for about a year, and Zayn put a ring on it just before the London premiere of the boy band's upcoming documentary This Is Us.

I was dying to know how local Directioners were dealing with the news, so I went straight to the source—the long line of fans lined up for 1D's Today Show performance outside 30 Rock in New York City. (By the way, 1D's performance is on Friday, and there was a line outside by Tuesday night.)

The overall sentiment? If Zayn's happy, Directioners are too. Check out our favorite quotes from 1D die-hards below.

"Zerrie [Zayn and Perrie's couple nickname] is life. I know they're gonna have beautiful babies. And... I can't..." - Britney, 15

"I love Zayn, and I like them together, but I think they're too young. They're cute, but I think they should wait a little bit." - Janie, 15

"I cried actual tears." - anonymous Directioner

Ariel LeBeau for Fuse
Ariel LeBeau for Fuse

"I think they are just, like, two beautiful perfect people and they are just perfect together. And I *ship them so hard." - Gina, 15

"I *ship them, too, but I do think they're too young." - Caitlin, 15

*[According to 1D fans, shipping is "when you, like, want someone to be in a relationship, you ship them. Like, you like them together."]

"I feel like they're way too young to be engaged. I think they're cute together, but just way too young. But at the same time, I'm happy if Zayn's happy." - Joy, 15

"I'm happy because he's happy and that's the only thing that matters, really." - anonymous Directioner

"I like them together, but I feel like if they think it's going to last a long time, they should just wait a while and cool it down. Because he's still in a big band, and I feel like something's going to change [in One Direction] now that he's taking things serious with that girl." - Ariana, 15

"I was screeching over my computer screen for some reason." - anonymous Directioner

"I'm upset, because I don't want it to ruin the band... Zayn is really like, quiet and reserved, and I feel like he's just gonna want to settle down." - Grenada, 16

"If he invites Directioners to the wedding, he better invite the right ones." - anonymous Directioner

Despite the overwhelmingly cheerful reaction to the upcoming nuptials (besides that last quote... watch it, Zayn!), I had a hard time finding any Directioners who would be terribly upset if Zayn and Perrie happen to break off their engagement. The teenage heart is a fickle one.