August 13, 2013


Escort Go '70s Sleaze on "Cabaret"

For their bubbly new track "Cabaret," 17-piece NYC disco revivalists Escort channel an unlikely source: Liza Minelli.

"The band was sharing a huge coffee cake with Liza [Minnelli], and she started telling us all these crazy stories about Barry [Manilow], Dudley [Moore] and their escapades in Sunnyside in the '70s," co-founder Eugene Cho told Rolling Stone. "She revealed to us that the New York elite only went to parties uptown for photo ops, but the real parties were in the back of Indian restaurants where unspeakable things happened on a nightly basis and the public had no idea. That really inspired 'Cabaret.'"

Who knows if Lucille Austero really did do "unspeakable things" in Indian restaurant acts, but the track, with its pulsating synths and orchestral strings, will be on repeat regardless.

The single package will be released on Sept 24 via Escort Records and includes remixes by Little Boots, Jacques Renault and Tippy Toes.