August 31, 2013


Fiona Apple Shouts "Predictable Fashion" and Storms Off Stage

Larry Marano
Larry Marano

Fiona Apple is at least one famous diva you won't find schlepping $10,000 LV baggage around the world anytime soon.

At a performance for an official Louis Vuitton event in Tokyo, the "Paper Bag" singer lost her cool after the crowd refused to simmer down.

Apple was plucked as entertainment for a party for the brand's "Timeless Muses" exhibition, which honors inspiring women. And, according to WWD, she was none too pleased when the crowd appeared more interested in being seen and heard then hearing her perform.

Not long into her short set, the pint-sized singer climbed onto her grand piano and asked for quiet so that she could perform.

She then took it a step further by asking the audience if they could manage silence for a duration of time which she would mark by striking a small metal bell. 

But apparently the partygoers were not up to Apple's silence challenge and the chatter continued—as did her irritation.

At one point she reportedly yelled, "shut the f—ck up," followed by other expletives (mumbled under her breath) and called the attendees "rude."

After this she was back at the piano for a bit before finally shouting:
"Predictable! Predictable fashion, what the f—ck?"

With that, she stormed off the stage.

Other reported noteworthy moments from the performance included:

~Apple hitting her head with her mic.
~Apple doing a full back bend over the piano bench.
~ Apple staring with awkward intensity at her guitarist for a protracted amount of time.

For those fashionistas that missed out on Fiona Apple's music because they were unable to STFU, check out her lovely, quiet and soul-filled impromptu performance of "I Know" right here.

You're welcome!