August 14, 2013


Chris Brown Sued by Frank Ocean's Cousin Over Parking Lot Fight

Bryan Steffy/WireImage
Bryan Steffy/WireImage

After Frank Ocean declined to press charges against Chris Brown stemming from a January fight in a Los Angeles parking lot, the incident appeared to be just another black mark in Brown's troubled career. It might get worse though, as Ocean's cousin, who claims he was involved in the fight, is suing Brown for unspecified damages, according to AP.

Sha'keir Duarte claimed that he suffered a concussion during the fight, as well as "humiliation and mental anguish as a result of the attack." He is suing for charging battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and conspiracy to commit battery.

Identified only as "Hood," Brown is accused of punching Duarte and subsequently "commenced to beat and kick [Duarte] about the head as he lay on the ground." Brown allegedly shouted after, "You just got your ass beat and it's all on camera." 

Brown's lawyer reacted as you would imagine, saying, "This is what gives lawyers and lawsuits a bad name is garbage like this." The lawyer hinted that Brown may countersue Duarte.

While Ocean declined to press charges, he may have gone after Brown in the court of public opinion. The singer may have thrown subliminal shots at Brown on a remix verse for Migos' "Versace" and Earl Sweatshirt's recently released "Sunday."