August 6, 2013


Fuse Favorite: Watch Bastille on Fuse All Week

A little tip from U.K. indie rock band Bastille: When you can't come up with a band name, just pick the holiday that your birthday falls on. That's what lead singer Dan Smith did when going through the process of brainstorming what to call his music project. They settled on Bastille, based on the French holiday Bastille Day.

Below, Bastille discuss how they got together (after Dan Smith was solo for many years), their touring plans for the U.S. and their four-track Haunt EP, which they released as a teaser to their upcoming album, Bad Blood. "It's kind of a taste of the album," Dan tells fans. "We wanted to just have something out to test the water."

Below, watch the video for the band's hit single, "Pompeii." The song went to No. 1 in Ireland and No. 2 in both Italy and England. If it sounds familiar, those in the states probably know it, too: the Bad Blood track reached No. 18 on the Billboard Alternative songs chart.

Bastille's debut album, Bad Blood, is out September 3. Check out their website,, for more info. And be sure to click over to the Fuse Channel Finder so you don't miss any Bastille coverage this week.