August 30, 2013


Justin Timberlake Clears Up Rumors About Kanye West Feud

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

Justin Timberlake recently stopped by Sway's Sirius XM radio show to clear that air about his feud with Kanye West. JT even alluded to a possible collaboration.

Earlier this year during a concert in London, Kayne told the audience during one of his many rants, "I got love for Hov, but I ain't f-cking with that 'Suit & Tie,'" referring to JT's collaboration with Jay Z. Justin fired back at Kanye during an appearance on Saturday Night Live, ad-libbing during his performance of the song, "Sh-t so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit / My hit's so sick, got rappers acting dramatic." 

But things are on the mend. And it turns out it wasn't that big of a deal in the first place. "[Kanye and I] spoke for, like, an hour at the [VMAs]," Justin told Sway. Speaking about "Suit & Tie" and Kanye's distaste for it, Justin continued, "At the end of the day, it's just music... I love that record. It reminds me of the music I grew up listening to. I respect his opinion because I think [Kanye's] a genius. But I don't share that opinion... It's just not that big a deal." 

JT also told Ye, "I f-ck with you! In a way that you probably don't even understand that I get what you do!" So get it straight: JT's on Team Yeezy.

The "Take Back the Night" singer also told Sway he hopes there's a JT/Kanye collaboration on the way (!!!). After telling Kanye (for "the millionth time") he hopes the two can get together in the studio one day, Kanye agreed. "He said, 'Well, the best way I know how to do that is just for us to sit down and play music." Justin replied, "Exactly!"

Justin talks more about Kanye with Sway below, starting around 9:45.