August 28, 2013


Justin Timberlake: "'N Sync Is Better Than One Direction"

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

The 2013 MTV VMAs were boy band crazy with 'N Sync reuniting onstage and One Direction winning Best Song of the Summer. But only one group can wear the crown, and when Justin Timberlake dropped by New York's Breakfast Club radio show Wednesday morning, the singer set the record straight.

"I have not seen [1D] on stage, but I'd be willing to say that ['N Sync are] better than them," Timberlake told Power 105.1, surely to the horror of Directioners worldwide. 

He added, "But I don't feel like I'm laying down any gauntlet. I've [met] them a couple times and I like those guys. It's interesting to see this whole wave of that come back around."

But don't expect a full 'N Sync reunion anytime soon. The "Take Back the Night" singer officially shot down rumors of a tour or new music. "That was it. I got my own tour to worry about," he said. "I have my own bills to pay."

JT's fellow N' Sync-er Chris Kilpatrick (the one with the ridiculous hairstyles) has come out as a 1D fan, however. He told Orlando's XL 106.7, "They've got some great songs. The cool thing about them is they've had music I've listened to and liked before I was like, 'Oh, this is a boyband?' It was great music."