August 19, 2013


Ke$ha Trolls Westboro Baptist Church During Protest

Ke$ha has taken trolling to master-class levels.

Over the weekend, Westboro Baptist Church, the hate group-cum-pseudo-church that believes any death, natural disaster or terrorist act is retribution for gays existing on this planet, decided to protest the heathen gay apologist singer's show in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As Jezebel points out,  the group wrote a parody of the singer's "We R Who We R," called "God Hates Who U R," and performed it outside Pershing Center. Never one to shy away from controversy and the opportunity for a laugh at the expense of idiots, Ke$ha responded by sending three male back-up dancers to perform a choreographed routine in front of the hate group.

This is how you troll, people.