August 10, 2013


Korn Unveil "Never Never," First Track Since Brian Welch's Return


Although Korn's new single "Never Never" isn't quite the return to their roots you might expect given that founding guitarist Brian "Head" Welch is back in the fold, this expansive song is far heavier on the metal than their last EDM-centric effort.

The electronic influences haven't been entirely excised from their sound, however. If this track is any indication, The Paradigm Shift will be a mix of klassic Korn and their burgeoning fetish for synthesized sounds.

"Never Never" is also significantly less harsh than you might expect given that Jonathan Davis said he recorded it in a "straight haze" after coming out of drug rehab at "the most ghetto, f--ked-up place I could find." It's actually quite accessible musically, although the lyrics are uncompromisingly dark. "I'm never going to love again / Never have to pretend," Davis screams, adding that he'll never be able to cure "all the hate inside." Yep, this is a Korn song.

Listen to the new track over at the band's Facebook page and get ready for The Paradigm Shift on 10/1.