August 29, 2013


Lady Gaga Teases Intense New 'ARTPOP' Track in Rehearsal Video

Lady Gaga recently revealed that she'll be playing a bunch of new ARTPOP tracks at the upcoming iTunes Festival. She also curiously dubbed the month-long concert event "Swinefest" and teased a rehearsal pic of a backup dancer wearing an industrial pig mask. Now we might know why.

Late Wednesday night, Gaga tweeted the above clip with the simple caption, "Live rehearsal video." It's footage of the pop star performing a new ARTPOP track, reportedly titled "Swine." And it makes us feel unexpectedly dirty.

Seated at the keyboard, Gaga croons the stripped down ballad: "I know, I know, I know you want me/ You're just a pig inside a human body/ Squeal, squeal-a, squel-a, you're so disgusting/ You're just a pig inside a human body... SWINE!" Then the wheels come off, the drums kick in and the song suddenly turns into what sounds like a Nine Inch Nails B-side. It's is basically the polar opposite of "Applause"... and we love it.

Lady Gaga plays iTunes Fest September 1. ARTPOP drops November 11.