August 16, 2013


Exclusive: Lester Chambers Responds to Attacker's Charges

UPDATE: Lester Chambers tells Fuse News his reaction to news that his alleged attacker has been charged with two felony accounts. Find out why the soul icon isn't completely satisfied with the charges:

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The woman accused of attacking soul icon Lester Chambers during his performance at Hayward Russell City Blues Festival last month has been charged with felony accounts of Assault by Means Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury and Elder Abuse on the 73-year-old singer, according to the Hayward and Alameda County's DA's office.

As Fuse News captured in the video below, Chambers had dedicated a cover of Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions' "People Get Ready" to Trayvon Martin, when 43-year-old Dinalynn Andrews-Potter rushed the stage and pushed the singer. Chambers was rushed to the hospital for bruised ribs and nerve damage.

"I was asking for peace," he explains. "The verdict hadn't been read yet. She got in my face and called me all kinds of MFs, saying that I started all this." 

Chambers' family had asked authorities that Andrews-Potter be charged with a hate crime, but police said it was unclear if she had heard the dedication. Andrews-Potter has said she had a stress disorder and that a "repetitive part of the song caused her to snap."

Speaking to Fuse News after the incident, Chambers said, "I was in the hospital for about five hours. I couldn't walk. My ribs were just totally aching. I have never been so shocked and traumatized in my life.

Fuse News will be talking to Chambers and getting his reaction to the latest developments tonight at 8/7c.