LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 24: Vocalist Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs performs at the 10th annual FYF music festival at Los Angele
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Will Karen O just release a damn solo album already, please

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs banshee is on a roll: Her soundtrack for Spike Jonze's remake of Where the Wild Things Are was a playful, touching collection of songs countering YYYs' unhinged and boisterous punk. She followed with the beautifully-eclectic and still-unreleased [sigh...] soundtrack to Stop the Virgens, her psych-opera debuted in 2011 in NYC. Now there's "The Moon Song," a wounded solo acoustic guitar ballad for Jonze's latest film, Her. 

Listen once and you'll want more... just like us.