August 5, 2013


The Most Hilarious, Random Overheard Quotes at Lollapalooza

Ariel LeBeau for Fuse
Ariel LeBeau for Fuse

"Sh-t, you guys, the app just told me it was gonna rain."

"Ohmigodcrystalcastleswassoooooogood," - a super drunk Crystal Castles super fan

"They don't play real instruments, they play, like, electronic instruments," - Some guy I almost beat up at Disclosure 

"We love Chicago and everything that its music has done for us," - Howard Lawrence, one half of Disclosure

"Ugh, I have no service," - Everyone with a cell phone

"Sorry!" - everyone who bumped into me (because Chicago is really friendly)

"Careful, there's puke three feet behind you," - a concerned BF to his GF at Chance the Rapper

"But honestly, what is with the shorts?" - a concerned mom re: festival shorts  

"Wait, which one is married to a model?" - Someone who thinks Mumford & Sons is Kings of Leon

"I do love a festival wrist. So many credentials."

"This song is perfect!!!"- One Ellie Goulding fan as soon as "Lights" started

"Hold the f-ck up, it's too hot up here, I need to take off my jacket," - HAIM bassist Este Haim

"She reminds me of somebody... Alicia Keys? Tracy Chapman?" - My mom about Liana La Havas 

"Christ, I feel old," - A 25-year-old at Major Lazer

"I can't believe this is happening," - The gothiest of goths at The Cure