August 22, 2013


All Aboard, Pop-Punk Fans! Paramore Announce 4-Day PARAHOY! Cruise

Paramore have announced a four-day luxury cruise, cleverly named PARAHOY!, setting sail March 7-11, 2014. Watch the Gilligan's Island-themed announcement video above. 

Fans can join singer Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York and bassist Jeremy Davis on a voyage from Miami to a private island in the Bahamas. The excursion promises two Paramore concerts, a Q&A with the band, autographs, contests and "activities with each band member"—hair dying tips from Hayley!? Guitar lessons from Taylor!? We can only hope.

Plus, the cruise features performances by Tegan & Sara and "dozens" of other bands still to be announced.

And thanks to the recent spree of cruise ship mishaps (ahem, Poop Cruise), the PARAHOY! voyage will cost fans only $650. Barring major malfunctions, that's a Captain Henry Morgan-level heist. Yar!