August 24, 2013


Pharrell and Ray Lewis Join Forces for Mixtape

Isaac Brekken
Isaac Brekken

On Pharrell William's latest stop on the pursuit of global entertainment domination train, he teamed up with former NFL star, Ray Lewis, for the "Natural Born Hitters" mixtape.

The intriguing yet bizarro collabo was brought about by Under Armour (the sports equipment company) who are also releasing an interactive "Natural Born Hitters" app

The app will allow budding producers to create their own tracks by remixing the Pharrell/Lewis songs.

According to Deadspin, the mixtape features samples from Lewis' old motivational locker room speeches backed by beats courtesy of Pharrell. 

And it seems the pairing isn't totally out of left field, as these two appear to genuinely like each other. 

In the trailer for "Natural Born Hitters" (see below) the "Blurred Lines" hitmaker gushes about the football star:

"That's why I completely relate to what he's saying.
He's a warrior that doesn’t understand the world, 'no'…
And doesn't mind dying by the word 'yes.'"

Never thought of Pharrell Williams as the type to die "by the word 'yes,'" but anyhoo… 

Under Armour is inviting fans of both parties to upload their remixes and submit them to the company. They will then pick the best track of the bunch to be featured in an ad during Monday Night Football.

So hurry up and enter the contest here and remember, "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!" 

Or, uh, something along those lines…