August 11, 2013


Robin Thicke Scores Elusive No. 1 Album, No. 1 Song Spot

Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Getty Images
Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Getty Images

Robin Thicke is everywhere. We know you rue the day you ever heard "Blurred Lines" because you are now permanently infected. 

Thus, it should come as no surprise that that song and the album of the same name are eating up the Billboard Charts. 

But the peculiar feat for Mr. Thicke comes in the fact that he managed to snag both the No. 1 song and No. 1 album slot at the same time.

According to Billboard, this is not a common occurrence. In fact, Alan Thicke's progeny is only the 17th artist or act in the last ten years to earn the distinction. 

Rihanna was the last artist to accomplish this feat in December of 2012, when single "Diamonds" and album Unapologetic ruled the airwaves.

Billboard says there are a couple of reasons for the double song/album No. 1 rarity: One being timing and another being the success rate of an album versus a single.

As far as timing goes, it's not unusual for an act to grab No. 1 on both charts, it just doesn't usually happen in the same week. The popularity of a single can take off earlier than the album does, or much later—depending on momentum.
Some singles reach No. 1 months after the LP is released.

The second issue in nabbing both slots at the same time is that many artists have hugely successful albums that don't spawn No. 1 singles and vice versa.

For instance, this year Daft Punk, Fall Out Boy, Lady Antebellum, Justin Bieber, Josh Groban and Michael Buble all had No.1 albums that failed to spawn a No. 1 single.

In addition to this special Billboard achievement, "Blurred Lines" also won Thicke a heavy dose of criticism due to the arguably offensive lyrical content and accompanying video featuring lots of naked models.

Annnnd, it won him a slot on Insane Clown Posse Theater! Because you're nobody till Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope talk about your privates…