August 4, 2013


Russia Targets Lady Gaga and Madonna for Breaking Visa Rules

Michael Stewart/WireImage
Michael Stewart/WireImage

Lady Gaga and Madonna are once again in the crosshairs of Russian officials who are claiming the outspoken popstars entered the country with incorrect paperwork.

Both singers were threatened with legal action in 2012 for promoting gay rights at their respective shows. Despite a law prohibiting the display of "gay propaganda,"Madonna and Lady Gaga paid no heed and performed their shows without alteration. 

The Material Girl even issued pink wristbands as she asked Russian citizens to have "respect, tolerance and love" for gay people. 

This outraged lawmakers, but the lawsuits were both unsuccessful. Now, sadly, it seems that officials may have found a loophole with which they can more easily prosecute the singers.

According to the Guardian, the office of Russia's prosecutor general recently issued a statement announcing that neither Madge nor the Mother Monster obtained the correct visa before last year's shows.

Both singers purportedly traveled under a cultural-exchange visa. The statement said that the musician's documents "do not grant their bearers the right to engage in any commercial activity."

The Russian legal information agency announced that prosecutors are considering asking Russia's foreign ministry or federal migration service to step in and press charges.

The visa offense is not one that would normally be spotted on its own. In fact, the person spearheading the move to prosecute both women is Vitaly Milonov—the man who authored the draconian St. Petersburg law banning "gay propaganda" himself.

The law has led to mass arrests and, according to Reuters, deeply angered an International Olympic Committee official. The country is set to host the 2014 Olympics.

We have a feeling that Russia's bullying will not cause either of these badass ladies to step down. 

In fact, they would probably perform at the opening ceremonies—complete with plenty of "propaganda"—just for Russia, with love.