August 15, 2013


Watch: Selena Gomez Covers Rihanna, Iggy Azalea & Lorde at Tour Launch

Andrew Chin/FilmMagic
Andrew Chin/FilmMagic

Selena Gomez kicked off a three-month-long World Tour tour Wednesday night in Vancouver, B.C.—on Bieber's home Canadian turf!—where she performed tracks from her hit new album, Stars Dance—and covered songs by a few of her favorite artists! Let's discuss:

Up first, Selena hit 'em with a slice of Rihanna's "Birthday Cake," also known as "your favorite nasty song about birthday cake that's not really about birthday cake." In case you missed it, angry moms, Selena is 21 now so she can do what she wants!

Selena also mashed up her own song, "B.E.A.T." with Iggy Azalea's raunchy "Work." The video quality isn't the greatest, but you can still hear Selena, and yes, you can hear her rapping

Oddly enough, she sounds right at home. Maybe she's been hanging out with Miley lately?

Our favorite cover, though, has to be Lorde's "Royals." The 16-year-old from New Zealand is currently taking over the Alternative Charts with her incredibly catchy track about "opulence" and "bullsh-t." And Selena does the song justice. Collabo, perhaps?

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